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Monday, 7 May 2012

The Value of Trees

Trees are very important in our life.They give us shade,fruits, gum and medicines.Leaves of some trees are used to feed animals like elephant, giraffe, etc.

  The most important function of the trees is that they maintain the balance of oxygen in the atmosphere.All the animals and man take in oxygen and give out carbon dioxide.Trees take in carbon dioxide and give out oxygen.If there are no trees the amount of carbon dioxide would increase to the danger mark.

  Trees cause coolness in air.This helps in causing rain.That's why the regions such as the Sahara and the Rajasthan where trees are sparse have only scanty rain fall.

  Trees also helps in checking soil erosion.The roots of the trees binds soil particles together and do not allow them to be washed away by fast moving wind or water.

  Tress also control floods.The rushing water of rivers and rivulets, particularly in hilly areas gets controlled in the area where there is  a thick growth of trees and plants.

  Many industries also depend on trees for raw materials.Tress give raw materials for paper industry, match industry, boat- making industry, housing industry, etc.We also obtain gum and resin from the trees.We also get medicinal raw materials from the trees.

  The trees also produce soothing beauty.No one can escape from the beauty of trees.Tress give shelter to a number of animals and birds.Therefore, we should grow more and more trees.


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