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Saturday, 12 May 2012

Tolerance Leads to Happiness

Tolerance means magnanimity and patience.Tolerance is sign of respect and consideration for others.It is a virtue.

When someone points out your mistake, do not lose your temper.Resist the urge to quarrel with the other person.Instead, ask yourself, "Am I wrong? If the other person, perhaps, is right?"

Tolerance makes a person develop wider vision.Don't allow yourself to be disturbed by small irritations if your assistant has not drafted a letter well, don't throw it on his face; you can just explain how to improve the message.This will enable him to resolve not to repeat the mistake.Learn to accept what is disagreeable.You will the enjoy greater freedom of thoughts and expressions.

 There will be occasions when you feel incidents are taking place to try your patience.When you are in such a mood, your neighbour's courteous enquiries seem disturbance; the laughter of the children at play seems like nerve-shattering sound.It is only when you exercise patience and tolerance in day-to-day happenings, you can enjoy peace of mind and understanding of family members, friend and others in the right way.

Indeed, developing tolerance is not easy but worth trying.Once you have learnt the art of loving and giving you can easy be tolerant.

Be kind towards the weak and poor.Never discriminate people for reasons of religion, caste and creed.Learn to rise above narrow loyalties so that you can broaden your outlook.


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