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Saturday, 19 May 2012

Albert Einstein

 Albert Einstein was a German-born physicist, although most people probably know him as the most intelligent person who ever lived. When he was young he had no mark of being genius. He was the worst in class. When he was young his parents moved several times looking for a place to open businesses. His parents settled in Italy when he was 15. He soon was expelled from school in Germany and joined his family in Italy. He finished high school in Switzerland; where he graduated with a teaching degree from the "Swiss Federal Institute of Technology." However he did not find a job until 1902. At the Swiss patent office, he worked there for seven years. 1903, he married Maria Marie. Albert Einstein conceptualized the theories of general relativity and special relativity. He came to realize that the universe was not made up of three dimensional space as was commonly accepted, but four dimensional space-time. The fouirth dimension being that of time. Einstein made other great discoveries, such as the speed of light.

His name has become part of many languages when we want to say someone is a genius, as in the phrase, “She’s a real Einstein”. He must have been pretty brainy to discover the Theory of Relativity and the equation E=mc2.

Einstein is the only scientist to become a cult figure, a household name, and part of everyday culture. He once joked that when people stopped him in the street, he always replied: "Pardon me, sorry! Always I am mistaken for Professor Einstein.” Today, he is seen as the typical mad, absent-minded professor, who just happened to change our world.

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