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Thursday, 23 February 2012

Health is wealth

There is no doubt that health is wealth. A wealthy man with poor health cannot enjoy his life. All his wealth is useless for him. Money cannot buy health and happiness. On the other hand, a poor man with good health can enjoy life. A rich man with poor health cannot enjoy a sound sleep. He cannot enjoy good food. He spends his life under many precautions and preventions; On the other hand, a poor but healthy man lives a better life. He can work hard and enjoys a sound sleep. He does not spend sleepless and restless nights. He can eat whatever he wishes. Thus, a poor but healthy man can live a better life than a rich but sick man.

Thus, in the life of a human being health occupies an important place. Preservation of health should be the primary duty of mankind. Health is man's normal condition, his birth right. It is the result of living in accordance with the natural laws, pertaining to the body, mind and environment. These laws relate to fresh air, sunlight, balanced diet, regular exercise, rest, relaxation and sleep, cleanliness internal and external, right attitudes of mind, good habits and good patterns of living. Our ignorance about health continues to be profound There are no yardsticks for measuring health. Health is often taken for granted and its value is not properly realized until it is lost. However, during the past few decades, there has been a reawakening that health is not merely a precious possession, but also a 'resource'. So it is desirable to main­tain and promote health.

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